Faerie Photo Shoot

My friend Pixie is a faerie. This is a secret not everyone knows, but after living next door to her and her accomplice Vaughn on Hampton road for two years, I managed to cotton on.

First clue was her beautiful artwork that adorned her walls. It was painted by herself and contained within the frames a magical wonderland of faerie frolicking in secret gardens.

That brings me to the second clue, her green thumb. Raising flowers to stand tall and be confident in themselves and planting pockets of green foliage joy in her garden and neglected street corners.

We don't live next to each other anymore, but we're still neighbours-at-heart. The final and perhaps most obvious clue came when she commissioned me to make faerie wings from spectacular hand dyed yarn. Making faerie wings for an actual faerie is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

After several weeks of fussing over colour schemes, lacey shapes, and how-on-earth-do-I-bend-wire-wow-Pixie-really-trusts-me, they were finished, and I finally felt as though I could share the results.

Because my ex-neighbours are creative geniuses, a simple photo of the wings hanging on a drab wall was not enough. Pixie had a spectacular vision for a faerie photo shoot that was more than I could ever hope for. Glitter, gardens, yarn, and colour combined to create something very special, and the high tea that went with the shoot was magical.

With Pixie and Vaughn behind the lens, and my friends/basically siblings Emma & Toby in full yarn faerie attire, the outcome was hundreds of beautiful photos of the wings for you to enjoy.

Leah Vlatko