New Venue For Craft Nights!

Crafting. Community. Chips. The three important elements of our Craf-Tea for a Cause nights. The third 'C' word used to be cake, but after checking out the delicious menu at our new venue, The Local in South Freo, I think that tasty dinners of chips and pub grub may become slightly more prominent in our crafty evenings. 

Last Monday we moved into our new space for Monday night Craf-tea for a Cause nights. Although we started something beautiful in that cosy Anjel Ms room out the back of their High Street store, it feels so exciting to move somewhere with space to grow and expand, not to mention the fact that there is now an option to drink delicious mulled wine and snack on hot chips while crafting (truly life changing let me tell you!). 

We had about twenty lovely humans turn up for an evening of weaving, collage, crochet, colouring in, and paper cutting. The concept is simple: bring along a project of your own (does anyone else have one of those boxes of unfinished projects?), or help yourself to our table of donated craft supplies. People have been so generous in their donations and we now have beautiful artist quality paper, yarn, textas, books for collage, and all the nostalgia of popsticks and pipe cleaners.

Whether you are an experienced crafter or feel totally out of your depth, we want this space to feel welcoming and inclusive: the kind of space where people can chat and craft and try out new things. 

Leah Vlatko