Canine Couture Dog Show Album

6 months ago I could never have believed this ridiculous and fabulous event could happen. The concept was simple: ten artists, ten dogs, and ten unique, handcrafted coats for sale on the night. From there it grew into a few more artists, a few more fundraising ideas (including a fantastic raffle), a few very cool DJs, and a bloomin’ sold out show!

I’m so grateful to all the incredible artists, media who got on board, sponsors, DJs, volunteers, doggos, and supportive families of doggo models.

I’m also so pleased I know get to share with you the beautiful beautiful photos taken by the beautiful beautiful Tasha. Lots of our coats for bigger dogs sold on the night (must have lots of big-boy-dogs waiting at home!) but we still have quite a few of our smaller coats available! Check out my store here.

It’s so exciting to announce that together we raised over $1000 for the local dog shelter, thanks for your amazing contributions!

Leah Vlatko