About Me

Although I am relatively young at 22, I have been crocheting for over ten years, and have extensive experience in my craft. I learnt the art of crochet thanks to my lovely Nana, and decided to share my little projects with others. When I'm not crafting, my favourite pastimes are rollerblading, drinking tea, or swimming at the beach.  My time is shared between Fremantle and Kalgoorlie, and I believe strongly in the power of craft to unite communities. 


Sun & Flower Studios

Sun & Flower Studios is a resistant force against the empire of wasteful, poor-quality fashion made in unethical conditions. Inspired by the 'buy once, buy well' movement, I strive to make items that are long-lasting, ethically sourced, and really bloomin' cute. Whether it's an adorable stegosaurus coat for your favourite doggo, or lovingly handcrafted crochet string bags to do your weekly shop in, each item is underscored by the belief that things should be useful, made with love, and as pretty as humanly possible.